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Thailand's longest running nightlife forum is Thailand's longest running nightlife forum / website; we've been discussing nightlife in Thailand - as well as every other Thailand related topic - since '96!

The forum is home to many expats and regular visitors with a very broad range of knowledge on Thailand. Topics range from discussions on prices of drinks in GoGo bars to visa and work permit issues to language questions; Thai politics and news - both Thai and international - often provide hot topics as well.

Nightlife forum

A large section of the forum is dedicated to nightlife in Bangkok, Thailand with discussions on where the best bars currently are, which bars have the nicest girls, trip reports. There is even a section for nightlife in the surrounding countries.

Thai Life forum

A large amount of the forum's members are expats living in Thailand and this section of the forum deals with the issues that one faces when living - or planning to live! - in Thailand. Topics range from language discussions to mortgages to tuitions for international schools and universities.

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